Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Battle of the Spammers--Round 2

A flurry of really nasty spam has hit this blog in the past couple of days. It must be manually posted as I have word verification. Since it's making it past the word verification, I will now have to move to Comment Moderation.

I'm not all that fond of Comment Moderation--it's something that leaves the poster kind of in the dark, I think. But it's come to that.

Amazing that people actually *pay* spammers to do this--and I bet there are some folks who think it's a legitimate form of marketing or promotion.


Anonymous said...

Saw you on the 2000Bloggers. Nice

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, those evil e-mails with "stock tips" actually do make money, so I read somewhere. Here's a fabulous article from Wired about the blog spam mayhem: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/14.09/splogs.html

Look at the bright side: Lots of blog spam means people are linking to your blog! Though, I suppose that's a bit like becoming rich and having all the golddiggers come out of the woodwork...

Tish Grier said...

Ed...thanks for stoppping by--and I went over and checked your blog out, too. I still have to do my post on 2000 Bloggers. It's really quite the hoot--*and* when you post the code, it gives you a link! how great is that!

Danny The Wired article's one of the best on the whole thing...I post rants on spammers and sploggers from time to time as a way of reminding people to keep an eye out for the crap....and, yeah, I wish the sploggers would pay me my share from whatever they make off of *my* content. Friend Jeaneane Sessum's brought up that a time or two. The Head Leamur, though, is the guy who's *really* hot about sploggers!