Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The only thing Craigslist will get you in Chicopee, Mass is a hook-up. If your lucky. And if you're willing to drive to Hartford.

So why is The New Yorker so willing to jump on the bandwagon like so many other bloated metropolitan publications and claim that Craigslist is killing newspapers when the rest of us who don't happen to live near a major metropolitan hub can't find diddly-squat on his service (other than sex, and if you happen to be a middle-aged male looking for a girl or guy. yes, lots of gay hookups on Craigslist.)

Keep your pants on folks. In some parts of this country, the only thing that works, still, are the local papers. And when I say local...I mean local...they're even talking about resurrecting the Farm Report because we have farms!...and don't think for a minute that you can find a sports report that covers anything other than AHL hockey and high school football...check out
MassLive.com and Gazettenet to see what I mean.

We're not lacking for local anything out here. What we're lacking is a touch of Metro.

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Tish Grier said...

good one, Ed!