Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Bloggers often hide messages by choosing a font the same color as the background. "

Or at least that's what they think over at CSI Miami

I'm not sure how many of y'all watch CSI Miami or any of CBS's wildly successful CSI franchises...but take a few moments to read the synopsis of "Silencer"--last night's episode.

According to the text from the trailer posted at CSI Files : A MURDER LEADS TO AN EMPLOYEE BLOG....

and that's when the wild misinformation about blogging occurs....there's all sorts of stuff about a "virtual keyboard" and "Bluetooth technology" enabling some fancy moblogging with a blackberry...yeah, that's kinda plausable...if you can afford the stuff....

but did you know that "Bloggers often hide messages by choosing a font the same color as the background. " That's right from the text folks. I kid you not. Now you know! Aren't we a crafty bunch!

Yet what's even more amusing was the graphic for what the blog looked like--very fancy and far more sophisticated than anything I've seen even from the top of the A-list--and that it was available thru some open source, quasi Xanga/Livejournal thing called "Blog-Daze.com"...I wish I could find a graphic of it, but, alas, nothing to be had. Even the fanboy/fangirl sites don't have a pic.

This isn't the first time a CSI franchise tapped into the latest trend. Thursday nite's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation the Big Daddy of CSI Miami often mines the fetish world for cheap titilation: remember the adult baby, the "furries" and of course, Gil Grissom's tryst with Lady Heather???

But at least when they do fetish, the get it *mostly* right. When they do tech, it seems that they're so far out there that they shoot their own credibility in the foot.

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Anonymous said...

I've never seen a blogger do this except once when posting a spoiler comment about Survivor.

Message board users are notorious for this.

CSI sure is interesting

Tish Grier said...

Being a NYTimes Movie Forum vet, I remember using the old "spoiler alert." I was just so floored by what happened on the episode, and what they said about bloggers and blogging that I couldn't help myself. And I was certainly surprised to see an entire written summary of the show on the CBS site. I think, though, that they only post after the show's aired, thinking everyone already saw it.

It would have been nice, though, if CSI got bloggging right. you should have seen the blog images, Denise...they were amazingly contrived.