Friday, November 04, 2005

And then there was one....

Chicopee Mayor Rick Goyette withdraws from mayor's race yesterday. And his website has been taken down.

However, someone has posted an nasty little anonyomous website here...I can't believe someone would waste the bandwidth. And leftyblogs lists a link to another blog in the Republican that says Goyette could still win.

What a joke.

Although, since he can't be taken off the ballot, people *could* conceivably vote for him....the philosophy being that since he's THE Republican candidate people are supposed to bury their heads in the sand and vote for him anyway.

People who used to do that were called "Yello Dog Democrats" back in the 60's--as in they'd vote for anyone running on the Democratic ticket, including a yellow dog. Guess it can apply to either party nowadays.

But even if you wanted to jump ship and vote Democrat, you can't find Mike Bissonnette's website all that easily. Is it because they aren't using some kind of Search Optimization Criteria, or just that they're too small to be noticed by the big search engines? Or is it that the site that's listed on his campaign up being the one for New York City mayoral candidate Mike Bloomberg. Perhaps Bissonnette's people, knowing this region is a technological backwater, simply decided not to bother to create a website once they discovered their snappy little domain name had already been consumed. Correction: you can find Bissonnette's site at

Although it's rather odd that his political party isn't mentioned on the main page...

Too bad--since someone who appears to be something of a techological low-brow found a really cheap and easy way to create a bash-Goyette site. And seemed to use some pretty good Search Engine Optimization criteria to put it pretty high up in any searches on the subject.

This whole situation is revealing some pretty pathetic aspects of this corner of the State of Massachusetts--crooked mayors and low techonological savvy.

Yeah, we're real ready for the Information Age out party electoral system and all that jazz...

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Anonymous said...

Goyette is a Republican.

Bissonnette is a Democrat.

Tish Grier said...

Thanks Greg...if you don't follow local politics all that closely, it's hard to know exactly what party whomever belongs to.

Bissonnette gives interesting information on his site, but does not say he's a democrat. I wonder why.

Oh, and talk to someone over at the Republican about putting in a comments feature on your blogs. Blogging is social software, not a closed shop :-)