Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Minnesota Public Radio Invests In Networking Website..., set to launch in December, will operate along the same principles as and -- fee-free sites where people can establish their own home pages listing their personal and professional interests, keep blogs and communicate with other site members. Revenue is generated by selling advertisers space on those venues...

amazing, isn't it?? They've finally figured out that on-line community building, blogging being part of that, isn't just for kids. Adults, too, just might have an interest if the reason for the community's existence has something to do with how they live their lives.

Let's face it, even if alot of us are still single, the whole dating-and-mating thing that's such a part of, as it was with, isn't really the center of our lives. There's more going on there, and our leisure time is often spent on other pursuits. I will be very interested to see how things progress with and how the 34-59 age bracket responds to it.

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