Monday, July 25, 2005

oh REALLY now!

Well, last friday, Jolie in NYC's identity was outed....

oh, as if none of us who blog regularly believe for one minute that she wouldn't eventually get busted...

and that getting busted was probably part of some plan to get herself recognized she was on Fox and others recently because of the outing.

Come on people! Is being disingenuous really news?!?

I think those of us who inhabit the blogosphere know a load when we hear it. If y'all are like me, you've read enough recently about business bloggers, you know of Dooce and of Ellen Simonetti (see BusinessWeek's 5/2/05 issue) and of "The Washingtonienne" and of Nick Denton's Gawker Media and Wonkette....

so, please! give me a break! I don't believe for one single solid minute that little Nadine Haobsh didn't know or have any inkling that eventually all of her tongue wagging would catch up with her and her "dream job" would be a bit less dreamy.

Look, I might live in Bugfart, but don't piss on my shoe and tell me it's raining fer crissakes.

And now she's got a publicist. oh, poor little deary!

after this, I think businesses should take the tact of letting employees shoot their mouths off....let 'em blog till their blue in the face...just so that there's so damened many of them that the badmouth blog is no longer a reason to get canned--or get a book/media deal.

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