Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Blog Events: BlogHer and Blog Business Summitt

If you haven't been to the site already, check out BlogHer, which is the first conference for women bloggers.

We're sick and tired of the good old boy A-lister network hogging up the airwaves and thinking they just know it all.

There's more to blogging than punditry--and, contrary to popular beliefe, we are not all "citizen journalists" nor do we want to be. Yours truly might have some journalistic aspirations, but I know two of my friends over on LiveJournal don't have those aspirations, and would feel horrifically violated if they knew that anybody could search their blog entries on something like Google.

After all, not all bloggers are aspiring limelight hoggers.

There's also the Blog Business Summitt for all you aspiring business bloggers.

Wish I could go to this one, but I think I've blown my boyfriend's budget for conferences. This one costs more than my flight out to Santa Clara for Blogher.

Now, if I could get a grant from some nice local businessman with big pockets I'd be oh so very, very grateful :-)

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