Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Over the next few days...

I will be moderating the keynote panel--"What Is Citizen Journalism?"--of the Citizen Media Bootcamp session at the MediaGiraffe "Democracy and Independence: Sharing News and Politics in a Connected World" conference. It's at UMass-Amherst 6/28-7/1. Great people on the panel, including my friend Lisa Williams, Lise LePage (and Chris Grotke will be there), Paul and Ilona from ePluribus Media and author/activist/journalist Eesha Williams.

oh and I'm a last-minute Citizen Media "devil's advocate" panelist on saturday's Merging Forms: Is the Medium Still the Message?” panel. Robb, Steve and I worked out the logistics of the "un-panel" and Paul's willing to go along with us, so it should be fun. Yesterday's conference call was a hoot, and we all kind of wished Steve had hit the record button. Hopefully we'll get a podcast out of the panel.

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