Monday, June 12, 2006

All the News That's Fit to (Not) Print

A report from Smart Mobs tells us that bloggers made the front page of the New York Times...

Strangely, I happened to have purchased a copy of that issue of the New York Times in New York on that day, and the front page pic and story was about the shelling of a Palestinian beach in Gaza, killing seven people

So, what's really the news here? Is it a blogger convention, or a bunch of innocent people getting blown up and a delicate cease-fire, with international implications, called off?? Perhaps it all has to do with time of day--if you're monitoring the news 24/7, the Israel story would be "old news" and completely irrelevant to you by a certain time of day. The blogging story might be relavent if you live mostly online or are deeply into political blogging (not to take away from what Smart Mobs reported, the piece in the Times also talked about the number of political tpyes that were circulating at Yearly Kos.)

Makes me wonder, though, about what we now consider the "front page"--is it now just our own personal front page, or the front page that will eventually make it to the archives of various libraries across the country?

I wonder if the Times reported on Scoble leaving Microsoft to vlog and such for Probably not--but: good luck Scoble!

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