Tuesday, January 03, 2006

He Enjoys Being a Girl....

Apparently, David Lat--the legal eagle slated to take over Wonkette has been penning something called Underneath Their Robes in the guise of a female (see the very *bad*--as in amateurish--illustration on the blog)....pretty pathetic actually. Why did he have to pretend to be a woman? Would his ravings be considered less "snarky" and less "fun" had he blogged pseudonymously as a man?

but hasn't Lat figured out that most of us know you don't have to be female to be a bitch.....

Yet I wonder still: will the folks who control Wonkette expect him to keep blogging under his pseudonymn now that he's been outed? With any vestage of transparency shot, it would be pretty silly for them to expect he become the New Wonkette, or stay the Old Article III Groupie.

But would good taste allow a blog titled Wonker and all that it implicates? I don't know, but if the bitch is willing to drop the fan dance, whip it out and let us see what he's really got.... ;-)

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Jon Garfunkel said...

Well one has to wonder whether true transparency is an inherent value of blogging. Apparently part of the popularity of A3G was that she was mysterious-- and that's now shot, according to this commenter:

"now that there's a face behind this whole charade, the formerly interesting character has vanished; instead, the author is now revealed to be a snarky, elitist, prestige-hoarding *dude*, none of which is endearing."

"Wonkette" was an act, too, and the trouble with all acts is that their creators tire of them before their audience does. More than "transparency" -- a value desired by the blogger evangelists-- audiences want consistency. It just so happens that being oneself is the best way to be consistent.

Koan said...

Maybe the pet lamb just has some inner issues he needs to work out - maybe this transition of bloggers hides a bigger transition...

Just being mischievous. But, but, but - you never know...

Tish Grier said...

J...thanks for the link to those comments! my gosh, they're more fascinating than reading the blog. and, good point about acts...esp One-Note Wonder acts. as Jason Calcanis said about the bloggers he had working for him at Weblogs, it was best to give them different assignments after awhile because they'd get bored and their writing would get stale. From Maslin's review of Cox's book, (not blook) even the novel writing's gone stale.

K...did you check J's link and read the comments? I think D.L. may be a bit of a self-hater. Poor thing! eventually, he'll have to come to terms with himself. there's just so long one can hide. :-)

Seth Finkelstein said...

Regarding "Would his ravings be considered less "snarky" and less "fun" had he blogged pseudonymously as a man?"

Answer: Yes.

Next question?

That was part of the "formula" for Wonkette, and also his blog.

Women make bad sex jokes == edgy

As opposed to

Man make bad sex jokes == sleazy

It may not be equal, but it's a market reality.