Monday, January 16, 2006

A Curious Little Gem In The Blogosphere

Yesterday, out of boredom, I was doing a Technorati search on media and stumbled across Scott Karp's blog Publishing 2.0.

Scott's the Managing Director of Research and Strategy for Atlantic Media and has alot on his mind. He started the blog back in December, and uses it to ruminate on the interface between New Media (blogging) and Old Media. Read his About page because I'm too lazy to parse it all out for ya.

Overall, he's really thinking about this whole thing--really thinking. Go take a look. I commented on Bloggers are So Wrong About Media because in it Scott seems to assume that all bloggers are created equal--and all of y'all know that some bloggers (mainly the A-list) are more equal than the rest of us around here. (and don't say we're not. don't piss on my shoe and tell me it's raining). Scott also discovered that being inflammatory and incendiary gets you somewhere in the blogosphere....

that's it exactly Scott...being the agent provocateur can get even a flea noticed!

But inflammatory rhetoric, like a tit-flash at Mardi Gras, will get a blogger only so far. There's got to be something beyond the snarky snap and the cranky jab. Hmmm...maybe that's why I'm so nice sometimes. ;-)

Give Scott a look....let's help the guy understand what The Rest of Us are doing out here.

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