Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tagged on the 4x4 Meme (thanx, Marianne!)

Needless to say I've been working far too hard on my multiple projects these days and really *need* to lighten it's great that my friend Marianne Richmond tagged me on the lots-o-fun 4x4 goes:

4 Places I've been

Bar Harbor, ME--one of my most favorite places on earth. Hotel rooms with no internet, no phone and no tv! talk about getting away from it all...

Raleigh-Durham Airport--if you end up getting stuck in an airport, this one's not too bad.

The Guggenheim, NYC--more than a's an experience.

Las Vegas, NV--the grown-up Disneyland. Can't wait to get back there!

4 Jobs I've had I've never had a glamour job, just crummy jobs. Now, I don't have crummy jobs--I've got strange jobs.

Lingerie Sales (not too long ago...)

Freelance writer (abeit briefly and with much sturm und drang)

Secretary (was not very good at this)

Math Tutor (Algebra and Statistics. Seriously. I used to be able to do it, now I'm not so sure)

4 Favorite Foods

Tamales--it's like polenta, only different ;-)
Brussels Sprouts (go ahead, laugh. they're great with butter! don't knock them till you try them)

4 TV shows I DVR

I don't DVR anything. I don't think I ever recorded anything on my VCR either. It's never been *that* important to me. But there are 4 shows I watch regularly--mostly for the men--#4 doesn't count in that department. We all know Clinton's gay.:

Nip/Tuck (Julian McMahon is the George Clooney of TV. just wish he'd quit shaving the chest hair.)
CSI Miami
CSI Las Vegas
What Not to Wear I have to tag four folks myself. Of my most-serious blogroll, I'm thinking of Amy Gahran, Tom Bruno, Madison Guy (whose moniker I always want to turn around and call him Guy Madison after the 50's actor...) and Dawno who hasn't been posting regularly, and could use the nudge :-)


Anonymous said...

I love roasting brussels sprouts - first I coat them with olive oil, salt and pepper... then into a hot over for 30-40 min...

How do you cook yours? I'm convinced people who don't like them just have never had them "done right". Mine taste like french fries without that grainy potato texture!

Tish Grier said...

I totally agree about folks who've never had them done right! or fresh. Got some great ones the other day from the organic grocery in town and they were fabulous!

I just steam them and add butter (or eat them plain, when fresh, they're sweet) But I'll definitely give roasting at try :-)