Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Crowdsourcing Journalism, Wikipedia seeking contributors

From time to time, I'm going to be blogging here about some of the stuff going on at Assignment Zero...like where we could use some contributors....

We've recently brought on a bunch of editors to start to wrangle the 12-headded hydra's-worth of topics we'er germinating. Which has helped us get a clue as to where we could use some contributors.... (better site design would have helped too--but we all know about that, it's pretty much a "yeah-yeah-yeah-I know-I know" topic among the team)

Crowdsourced Journalism is being handled/wrangled by Vivian Martin, who was with the Hartford Courant and is now a prof at Central CT State U. She's posted, on her AZ blog, some thoughts about the topic. If you think you'd like to add a bit, contribute something to what Vivian's doing, I'd suggest emailing her at vivian.newassignment at gmail dot com

We could also use some contribs on the Wikipedia stuff. We've got a person covering Jimmy Wales (man, that sounds funny!) but the ed over there, Maurreen Skowran who's got a bit of history with Wikipedia, could use some contribs. She'sposted a few thoughts that might help y'all decide if the project is something you want to work on. email her at maurreen.newassignment at gmail dot com.

So, that's it for the moment. I'm sure there are more places where people are needed...oh, and big shout out to Chris Mfor finding his way over to the BarCamp stuff and making himself known :-)

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