Monday, July 31, 2006

CNN Gives Permission To The People To Be Citizen Journalists

Poking around the media landscape today, I came across an announcement that CNN plans to boost citizen journalism on its site....
The cable news network on Tuesday plans to announce it has created a new program to let users send in digital audio and video from breaking news events in their region. Users can e-mail or upload these so-called "I-Reports" directly from CNN's site.

Yes, in the typical, paternalistic MSM way, CNN will "let" the citizens send in their "I-Reports." Considering CNN's already gone out of its way to increase jouranlistic stupidity with Glenn Beck, I guess they feel they don't have much left to lose by having a few of the citizenry post their disaster videos to make it look like it's being part of that whole "citizen journalism" thing.

That's not citizen journalism. That's just taking advantage of people's need to be part of the glitz-and-glamour of the MSM Machine.

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Average Jane said...

Trish! THIS IS JUST WHAT WE NEED!!!! OMG! This got me to thinking, though, that I should probably ask the cow if it's ok to drink its milk before I do.