Friday, December 02, 2005

What's Alll This Then? A Hit from

Checking the referring links on my stats today, I noticed I received my first hit from a search on

Someone decided to search, and a particular piece that I did where I mentioned Pluck (and their very nice reps) came up in the search. Said person who did search also came over and looked at thisahere blog.

So I went over to check things out at myself.

It's a curious little site, pretty spare in appearance, and offers searches for Links, Media, Local and Groups. Since I'm always looking for local bloggers (and often finding few to none other than the folks listed on, I was hoping that this feature would help.

No such luck. The closest blogger was four miles away. And I know there are some just over the border in Springfield, so the Local search didn't work all that well.

I also did Links searches to see if I had any more links listed on Blogdigger than I do on Technorati and (the two search tools that give me the best number of links). Blogdigger came up with nothing for Snarkaholic and a handful for my other blog.

It seems that, at this point, Blogdigger isn't all that helpful to me in my searches for local bloggers nor for people who link to me (and y'all can sit there and say searching's all about finding "kick-ass content," but, hey, sometimes it's all about Me...isn't it that way for you, too?? c'mon, be transparent--you know you like the ego stroke too....)

However, they have their own nice little blog! Kept by Greg Gershman, CEO and Founder of Blogdigger, the Blogdigger Development Blog has some great observations and commentary on a number of blogospheric things, including the Interactive Local Media Conference (and some commentary by Scoble on finding blogs, which I will have a great deal to say about in a subsequent blog post.)

So, if you don't get much of a rise out of Blogdigger's search capabilities, read the blog. It's kinda fun!



Greg G. said...

Hi Tish, thanks for checking out Blogdigger, sorry the search wasnt to your liking (we're working on expanding the local coverage), I'm glad at least you enjoyed the blog, look forward to your comments.

If there's anything else I can do, just let me know (greg AT blogdigger DOT com). Thanks!

Tish Grier said...

Hi Greg,
thanks for stopping by here! I think that if you can expand the local coverage, you'll have something really great. It's difficult to find local bloggers out in the hinterlands here in W. Mass...and I know that part of this is that most bloggiing stuff is focused on larger metro areas where there is a concentration. When suff like Blogdigger can work out here, then it will be fab!