Thursday, June 30, 2005

What's buzz got to do with it? Apparently, alot....and esp. right now if it's Celebrety Buzz...

A new blog that's being touted as the new Wonkette is something out of NY titled Jolie in NYC purpotedly written by a young woman who's a mid-level beauty editor.

I checked it out and it seems that most of the aggregating she does is to stories that anyone who's celebrety obsessed can find--things like Tom Cruise on sex (as if I care, but MSNBC does), Brad and Angelina having a baby!, and Ben the-guy-with-the-last-name-that-sounds-like-an-insurance-company Affleck and Jen don't-cha-just-wanna-be-a-nerd-like-her Garner's supposed proposed upcoming any day now nuptuals.

Like I said, you can find this stuff anywhere....

And who really gives two you-know-whats about how many perks a lowly little mid-level editor in New York gets on any given day??

spare me the gories.

Maybe my shoes aren't as expensive but my life is surely alot more interesting.

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