Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Outing Integrity Corporation

What is the Integrity Corporation and why do their bots keep crawling my blog?

close to 50% of the hits to this blog today have been from Integrity Corporation. This usually indicates an aggressive bot that is scraping my blog content.

I have tried to speak with Integrity Corporation about their bots, but no one will even acknowledge that this is happeneing.

How do I know? I check my stats. They are there under "domain" as the source of the hit. When I check futher, the ISP is Peer 1 Network, located in San Antonio, TX. The computer they are using is the same one (although I only have a partial number.)

Who are these people? Why are their bots constantly crawling my blog?

I want an answer.

Update: Yes, I got an answer. Not from Identity Corp., but from a friend who knows about these sorts of things. He says I shouldn't be bothered about it, but I still am....strangely, this company's bots haven't been around lately.

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