Tuesday, June 21, 2005

BusinessWeek is amazingly blog-savvy! If you didn't see their coverstory on blogs and business, check it out here....

But they also have several blogs including one titled Blogspotting (yeah, rather peculiar for business-types to riff on Trainspotting--a real "go figure"). Blogspotting has a short piece on the wiki mess at the L.A. Times.

I am waiting for them to review and possibly post my comment, where I mention that it's rather foolish to think that something like a wiki feature will not get trolled. It's similar to a bbs at any major newspaper, and, if y'all ever posted on a bbs, well, there were always troll risks there just as much as flame risks on a usenet newsgroup.

Blogs are wonderfully flexible and organic, but, geeze people! let's not forget from whence they sprung!

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